Emerging Markets Blog – launch!


Hello! My name is David Gates and emerging markets are a passion of mine. I studied international political science and economics (with a focus on developing countries) at Dartmouth and the London School of Economics. After college, I worked as a journalist and editor covering Latin American businesses from Tijuana to Tierra de Fuego. Now, as a senior strategy consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers (formerly Diamond Management & Technology Consultants), I advise some of the world’s largest corporations on growth strategy, which more than ever implies a focus on emerging market countries.

The photo above is one I took of Santiago, Chile, in the winter of 2007. I posted this particular photo for a few reasons. First, I lived in Chile from 2001-04 and have fond memories of the country. Second, Santiago is a good metaphor for the rapid transformation of emerging markets. At first glance, it is a thoroughly modern city, with many elegant skyscrapers to prove the point. However, there is still a lot of work to be done (such as cleaning up the polluted air). I’ll aim to use this blog to sift through the hazy perceptions about emerging markets and communicate my shining skyscrapers, er, insights.

I may try to add more structure and focus to this blog in the future. For now, my scope includes anything linked to investing or doing business in emerging markets. Topic areas may include: commentary on high-profile news events, book reviews, country analyses, industry analyses, and commentary on data trends.  

One promise: I will be reader-friendly. That means I will post lots of pictures and keep my articles around an average of 300-500 words, with the occasional 700-word biggie.

Written by David Gates for Emerging Markets Blog

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