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Searching for “breakout nations” in the emerging markets

Book Review: Breakout Nations, by Ruchir Sharma (2012). During the 2000s, almost all emerging markets experienced strong economic growth. However, the global forces that enabled such broad growth are running out of steam, and only some developing countries will continue … Continue reading

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Africa’s new oil and gas finds: the good, bad, and the ugly

They say money can’t buy happiness. But what about a billion barrels of oil? Recently, a series of spectacular oil and gas finds have been announced in several East African countries, including Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Mozambique. In just one … Continue reading

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Brazil’s elusive “future” – is it finally here?

It seems just about every business article written about Brazil in the last five or so years has painted a highly optimistic portrait of the country. Of course, there has been some recognition of Brazil’s high taxes, overbearing red tape, … Continue reading

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Obama’s surprise stop: El Salvador

President Obama’s Latin American tour is taking him to Brazil, Chile, and El Salvador. The first two destinations do not surprise. Brazil is Latin America’s largest economy (and the seventh-largest globally). Chile is Latin America’s most developed country, setting the regional bar for per … Continue reading

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Is this the Emerging Markets Century?

Book Review: Emerging Markets Century, by Antoine van Agtmael (2007). The world’s largest corporations are no longer just American, western European, or Japanese. A new breed of multinationals from developing countries is rapidly achieving global presence and prestige. They are also attracting more media … Continue reading

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