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Frugal innovation meets clean energy

  A new deal may help India’s Tata Group pull off its biggest innovation yet. You may already be familiar with the Tata Nano, a $2,000 automobile designed to compete with motorcycles as a means of affordable motorized transportation for lower-income families. It’s … Continue reading

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Have you driven a riquimbili lately?

The riquimbili is one of my all-time favorite innovations. The what, you say? Developed in Cuba, the riquimbili (pronounced rick-in-billy) is a local term that describes an old bicycle that has been upgraded into a motorcycle. The engine may come from a chain-saw motor and the exhaust pipe from a hollow steel … Continue reading

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Coming soon: book reviews

Look for book reviews on Emerging Markets Blog – starting in the next few days. I will provide short, no-nonsense reviews that summarize the book’s objectives, list the most important takeaways, and offer up suggestions on what was lacking. I’ll also … Continue reading

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