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Can you say “Groupon” in Spanish?

Recently, I was thinking about whether Groupon’s virtual coupon sales model might offer a way to boost e-commerce in growth in emering markets. Unlike traditional e-commerce business models, which mostly help people by products online, and which depend on credit cards, strong logistics infrastructure, … Continue reading

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Social media’s rising clout in emerging markets

Much has been said of the importance of social media to the protests taking place across the Middle East. Protest organizers were able to use Facebook to promote demonstrations to a much larger audience than they could have otherwise. Once revolutions were … Continue reading

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Interview: Egypt and Tunisia won’t follow Iran

A lot of people are wondering what will happen next in the Middle East, as new governments emerge in Egypt and Tunisia and other countries face social uprisings. Alarmingly, some have expressed fears that we may see a repeat of Iran-1979. To … Continue reading

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