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Frugal innovation meets clean energy

  A new deal may help India’s Tata Group pull off its biggest innovation yet. You may already be familiar with the Tata Nano, a $2,000 automobile designed to compete with motorcycles as a means of affordable motorized transportation for lower-income families. It’s … Continue reading

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Obama’s surprise stop: El Salvador

President Obama’s Latin American tour is taking him to Brazil, Chile, and El Salvador. The first two destinations do not surprise. Brazil is Latin America’s largest economy (and the seventh-largest globally). Chile is Latin America’s most developed country, setting the regional bar for per … Continue reading

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Five reasons to anticipate more BRIC brands

Emerging-market multinationals have become more prominent in the last few years. Last week I reviewed a book that documented the rise of some of these new firms. Business publications, consulting firms, and others also have published reports on the topic. A lot of this … Continue reading

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Have you driven a riquimbili lately?

The riquimbili is one of my all-time favorite innovations. The what, you say? Developed in Cuba, the riquimbili (pronounced rick-in-billy) is a local term that describes an old bicycle that has been upgraded into a motorcycle. The engine may come from a chain-saw motor and the exhaust pipe from a hollow steel … Continue reading

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Is this the Emerging Markets Century?

Book Review: Emerging Markets Century, by Antoine van Agtmael (2007). The world’s largest corporations are no longer just American, western European, or Japanese. A new breed of multinationals from developing countries is rapidly achieving global presence and prestige. They are also attracting more media … Continue reading

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Coming soon: book reviews

Look for book reviews on Emerging Markets Blog – starting in the next few days. I will provide short, no-nonsense reviews that summarize the book’s objectives, list the most important takeaways, and offer up suggestions on what was lacking. I’ll also … Continue reading

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